Henry Landes Bell
Julian Tan
Lee Piechocki

Press Release 

LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 2020 – Keystone Gallery presents an exhibition of
new works by three emerging artists engaged in defining and further complicating
the legacy of American landscape painting. Centering on their responses to
decay and alienation in the Anthropocene era, Reverent Revenant Remnant
Referent features works of art by Los Angeles-based artists Henry Landes Bell,
Lee Piechocki, and Julian Tan. Devoutly rendered, exquisite and sometimes
tender meditations on an increasingly precarious world, the work exhibited in
Reverent Revenant Remnant Referent reexamines misled nineteenth century
artistic ideals of growth and national identity as defined by the Hudson River
The Hudson River school has withered under the contemporary lens. The large
and central ugliness of its relationship to Imperialism and its financial backing
resting securely in the pockets of the railroad tycoons and land speculators which
abetted and often encouraged the invasion of the westward reaches of the
continent has dimmed its prestige. Reverent Revenant Remnant Referent takes
on the concepts held dear among the ranks of the Hudson River School and
positions the work of Bell, Piechocki and Tan within the same framework in
order to create a reflexive discourse. The Hudson River School systematically
worked to forge a sense of national and cultural identity through the elevation of
the American landscape into the sublime. Reverent Revenant Remnant
Referent asks what these rigorous methodologies of observation and rendering
can highlight in terms of our relationship to both the ideals of the past and the
realities of our present environment.

An opening reception for Reverent Revenant Remnant Referent
will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 6:00-10:00PM.
The reception is open to the public.

338 S Avenue 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031